Late Night Pharmacies

I’ve set up this page for people out there who might need some medication after (or before) normal pharmacy opening hours in Cyprus. At the bottom of this page you will find a list of today’s pharmacies across Cyprus. The list is updated automatically at 7 A.M. Cyprus local time.

General information regarding pharmacies in Cyprus as follows:

  • Opening hours Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from 8 AM to 1:30 PM and from 3 PM to 6:30 PM.
  • Opening hours Wednesday & Saturday from 8 AM to 1:30 PM.
  • Late Night Pharmacies opening hours from 8 AM to 10 PM.
  • Late Night Pharmacies are obligedto be reachable on the phone number(s) that they provide between 11 PM and 8 AM of the following morning to fulfil any prescription.
  • Late Night Pharmacies are obliged to place their contact numbers on an illuminated notice on their storefront.
  • Late Night Pharmacies, in the event of non-availability (from all late night pharmacies) of prescribed medication, must write the words “ΜΗ ΔΙΑΘΕΣΙΜΑ ΦΑΡΜΑΚΑ”, sign and date/time the prescription itself. Subsequently, any pharmacist may open his/her pharmacy at any time of any day to fulfil such prescriptions but is only allowed to do so if the signer was a registered Late Night Pharmacist on the night the prescription was signed.

Above information valid through to April 30th, 2012 after which I will update it with any changes.

The drugs/narcotics/poison emergency telephone number is 1401 although I’ve heard some rumours that nobody ever answers it.

If you want to receive this info daily, don’t forget to bookmark this page and/or add the rss feed to your favourite reader. A friend has also created the following short URL:

For any comments/suggestions on how this page might be of better use (other than google maps which i’m adding), please contact me. Google map markers are not necessarily 100% accurate and I will later open up the ability for visitors to move the marker if they know they exact location of a pharmacy.

I personally use’s Health & Beauty Store for any medication I cannot find locally.

Oh, and get well soon!

Late Night Pharmacies in Cyprus on July 29th, 2014
Name:Antonios Patatas (White Cross)
Address:33C, Arch. Makariou III Avenue
Next to MANGO shop
Pharmacy Phone:22754644
Home Phone:22311598
Name:Katerina Liassi
Address:79C-D, Arch. Makariou III Avenue
K. Lakatamia
Pharmacy Phone:22384464
Home Phone:22324314
Name:Maria Grigoriou-Parani
Address:65C-D, Prodromou Str.
opposite stratopedo
Pharmacy Phone:22664750
Home Phone:22354282
Name:Georgiou Eleni [ map ]
Address:58, Ayiou Pavlou Str.
Ayios Pavlos
(Ayiou Andrea School Road)
Pharmacy Phone:22781766
Home Phone:22773868
Name:Androulla (Antrea) Kallitsioni
Address:48 Aglantzias Avenue
Opposite Pergamos and Metro
Pharmacy Phone:22331316
Home Phone:22533447
Name:Kyzas Panayiotis [ map ]
Address:82 Arch. Makarios III Av.
Pharmacy Phone:23823270
Home Phone:23823308
Name:Cristoforou Andreas [ map ]
Address:Larissis 21
Kamares(200m after cineplex)
Pharmacy Phone:24364270
Home Phone:24645787
Name:Sergiou Andreas [ map ]
Address:Makariou 17
opposite Sinergatikis Trapezas
Pharmacy Phone:24623110
Home Phone:24530445
Name:Nikolaidou Georgia [ map ]
Address:Omonia 74 Aven.
(nearby cross-walk)
Pharmacy Phone:25560981
Home Phone:25563693
Name:Aggelopoulos Takis [ map ]
Address:Grigori Afxentiou & Makedonias 6
(200m from dimotiko sxoleio Xalkoutsas)
Mesa Geitonia
Pharmacy Phone:25751900
Home Phone:25328511
Name:Papadopoulou Haifa
Address:Nafpliou 20
(poliklinikis Ygeia Road)
Pharmacy Phone:25355624
Home Phone:99553098
Name:Stavroulla Gianniou [ map ]
Address:68, Ele. Venizelou & Chanion Street
50m from Kentro Theophani to Konia
Pharmacy Phone:26937857
Home Phone:26271776