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Wireless LAN for Runlevel 3 in Fedora Core 12

I’m writing this guide for Fedora Core 12, but I’m sure that it’s the exact same procedure for Fedora Core 11. It does not work pre Fedora Core 11. Also, this guide uses GNOME as a GUI.

I see that some folks over on FedoraForum.org are struggling with this. Hopefully this guide will help those who, like me, need a wireless connection from runlevel 3.

If you are not in runlevel 5 already, run “startx” in your command line to get to your GUI. You do not need to do this as root but you *will* need root access further down. Right click on the Network Manager icon and select “Edit Connections…”

On the Network Connections dialog which appears, switch to the Wireless tab, select the wireless connection that you wish to have available in your runlevel 3, then click “Edit…”. If your wireless network is not set up at this point, you will need to Add it first.

Once you provide the root password, you’ll be presented with the properties of the connection. Here, make sure you place a tick in the “Connect automatically” and “Available to all users” check boxes, then click “Apply…”

Reboot and your wireless should connect at runlevel 3. Let me know if this has or hasn’t worked for you and if there’s anyone who has managed to get this behavior from just the command line, I’d be happy to hear from you.

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