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Snakes in Cyprus – Herpetological Society of Cyprus – Paphos – Cyprus

I was cleaning out my office the other day and came across an old file with information about snakes in Cyprus. I thought I’d start a series of posts dedicated to this as I have colleagues with  adventurous children who often ask about poisonous snakes in Cyprus. I also think it’s much more useful to have on the net as opposed to in a drawer in my office. Here is a scan of the sticker which appears on the front of the file.

I’m pretty sure that this file comes from Hans-Jorg Wiedl often referred to as “Snake George”. George has been trying to educate and raise both the public and government awareness of the snake situation for many many years. As my purpose here is not to list the history of the Society that George is presiding, I am sure that if you are interested, then the links that I provide should be an excellent starting point for more information.

Sadly, it seems to me that the Reptile Centre that George maintained has been closed down. I’ve also read that there are hopes for a new Reptile Centre somewhere in Tsada, pending the issue of a permit and I hope it works out for him. A note in German on what appears to be the official website, seems to confirm this.

As for what is to come, I will make 7 posts, one for each snake which is profiled in this file. As I make the posts, I’ll edit this one with links to each profile. I will make them exactly as they are ordered in the file. The profiles are:

  1. Wormsnake (Typhlos vermicularis) – HARMLESS
  2. Cyprus Whip Snake (Coluber cypriensis) – HARMLESS
  3. Persian Large Whip Snake (Coluber jugularis) – HARMLESS
  4. Coin Snake (Coluber nummifer) – HARMLESS
  5. Montpellier Snake (Mapolon monspessulanus) – VENOMOUS
  6. Catsnake (Telescopus fallax) – VENOMOUS
  7. Bluntnosed Viper (Vipera lebetina lebetina) – VERY VENOMOUS

For completeness, I will then make an additional 3 posts for another 3 pages which are included in the file. These are:

  1. The different Poison Fangs
  2. First Aid for Poisonous Snake Bites
  3. Amphibians and Reptiles of Cyprus

UPDATE: I have moved the photos of the snakes to their inner post pages. Please click the “Read more…” links to get to them.