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Wormsnake – Typhlos vermicularis (Merren 1820)

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Typhlos vermicularis (Merren 1820)
Family: Typhlopidae

Wormsnake – harmless

Very small wormlike snake whose firm round body is covered all around by little scales. The head, which is not distinguishable from the body, is small and short. The almost unrecognisable punctiform eyes are hidden by transparent scales and the small opening of the mouth is merely visible. The tail is very short with a thornlike tip.

Colouring glossy yellow-brown to reddish.

Length about 30 – 35 cms.

Habitat: Balkan, Near and Middle East
Biotope: Lives in planes as well as in the hills or mountains where it is dry and plantation scarce.
Habits: Keeps itself nearly almost withunder objects lying on the soil (stones/wood). Eats ants and their larvae.

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