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Google thinking INSIDE the box.

All day today, my inbox has been bombarded with news articles about Google’s freshly launched ‘Instant’ search feature whereby results are returned as-you-type your search query. One particular comment by pmichner caught my attention. It reads:

So if while I’m typing “farthest” I’ll see results for fart?

Well, here’s the answer! Click this thumbnail to see what Google does.

Am I the only person wondering how long it will be before the first flaws of ‘SafeSearch’ are identified and surface? I can just picture it now, some kid typing the first few characters of a harmless search, only to have inappropriate material forced into their face.

I’ll leave that test to others, but what do you think about this new feature?

  1. September 9th, 2010 at 22:36 | #1

    This whole story with Google instant search results and Google Suggest reminds of the time when I used to work as a system administrator. One of the biggest concerns at the time was that I (as well as a few other sysadmins) had full access to everyone’s email. Most people in the company were worried about us having full access and using it.

    I’m not holy, so of course I did access other people’s emails once in a while. During my first sysadmin job. But I learned quickly, that most people are extremely boring and have nothing but spam and pathetic emails in their inbox. In fact, that went so far as to use “I’ve read your email” phrase as a compliment to the user’s originality.

    Back to my point. Google is not building its search indexes by hand. They do so by some pretty accurate statistical methods. So most of the weird stuff that pops up in there, just once again shows how screwed up and boring most people using Google Search. You want to see better results? Make sure you do something about the morons that surround most of us. 🙂

    Disclaimer P.S.: I am typing this while being quite inebriated, so don’t put any credit where none is due. 🙂

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