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On the price of consumer electronics in Cyprus.

An interesting article has just popped up in the Cyprus Mail regarding Sky-high prices across Europe, mainly when it comes to the importation of consumer electronics. It is funny how this would appear now, as I have only just had to buy myself a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device which costs roughly half of what I paid in the USA.

The article introduces a new initiative of a team of enterprising expats in Limassol who have set up a site with samples of the differences in cost to purchase the same item across the EU. Below is a screenshot of a sample price comparison.


Cyprus as you can see is paying a hefty overhead. Both articles are worth a read if you buy stuff online.

As for my recent experience, Cyprus has a single “distributor” of the product I bought. As is often the case, they did not bother to respond to my queries as to how I can buy their products in Cyprus. Knowing that it would still be cheaper to bring it from another country, I went ahead and bought it. Hey, if they don’t need my business… I’ll just take it elsewhere.

If you have reached this post whilst researching Synology products and are considering making a purchase, I have set up an online store here (opens in new window). If you end up buying via this store, I get some pennies for it which helps pay for my hosting fees. 🙂

  1. May 13th, 2011 at 16:35 | #1

    Great entry, Chris!

    What I like the most is how many customers these people lose because of their incompetence, and then turn around and say e-commerce isn’t taking off as if people aren’t interested in it.

    We should all take the opportunity to spread this news and complain all at the same time.

    -Michael Fraser
    EuroDonkey Founder

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