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Larnaka bus company “Zinon” website navigation decoded.

Cyprus, as anybody who lives or has lived here knows too well, has a very poor public transport system. One of my biggest problems with it is the lack of information about the various services (timetables, routes, ticket prices, connections with other modes of transport etc…).

Recently various websites have been popping up from the various companies to try and help address these issues, but I’d rather they didn’t and would much prefer the internet to be rid of these unfriendly and practically unusable sites. They are a waste of cyber space and it angers me that somebody, somewhere, has been paid for them… not to mention they’re probably being sold some extremely expensive hosting too.

Zinon Buses

Larnaka has one such company, Zinon buses. Its website is built by a company called SK Webline Ltd who’s own website, to no surprise, is “not available online at the moment due to updates on it” in a design that a 2 year old could cough up in a few minutes. Why do people pay such companies to build them a website? Would you pay this company to build you a website?

Anyway, let’s take a look at this site…


May the roasting begin…

  • If you can’t read Greek or English, go away.
  • If you can read English and you need to do anything other than “English Routes” or “For information or complaints” (at the bottom of the home page), go away.
  • All the routes are links to pdf files. If you have Adobe Reader installed (not linked to or mentioned anywhere on the site), they will work. Otherwise, go away, in all languages.
  • “Αρχική” means “Home” and this is a link to the homepage. If you are a bus driver and you are looking for a career move, this “Home” page, believe it or not, has a job application link on it…if you can find it.
  • If you can read Greek, please click twice to get to the “Announcements”. If you can read English, please mouse over all links on screen in case you spot a link which is in English.
  • If you can read Greek and your browser’s character encoding doesn’t recognise iso-8859-7 for some reason, please find all ticket prices in the € currency because we don’t know how to insert a euro symbol into a website. If you can’t read Greek, it means you probably speak it… so just ask the bus driver when you enter the bus.
  • Oh cool, there’s a blog!

    Clicking on the Blogs link will give you 2 links to Facebook… in textual format… as in… they are not clickable links… you need to copy… and paste them… manually.

  • And the best part… the contact form!

    Good luck on this page… the menu option is in Greek, the form caption is in English, the form is in English, the contact list caption on the right is in English and the addresses in the contact list beneath are in Greek.

My head hurts… and I haven’t even used the bus yet!

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