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Larnaka bus company “Zinon” website navigation decoded.

November 15th, 2011 6 comments

Cyprus, as anybody who lives or has lived here knows too well, has a very poor public transport system. One of my biggest problems with it is the lack of information about the various services (timetables, routes, ticket prices, connections with other modes of transport etc…).

Recently various websites have been popping up from the various companies to try and help address these issues, but I’d rather they didn’t and would much prefer the internet to be rid of these unfriendly and practically unusable sites. They are a waste of cyber space and it angers me that somebody, somewhere, has been paid for them… not to mention they’re probably being sold some extremely expensive hosting too.

Zinon Buses

Larnaka has one such company, Zinon buses. Its website is built by a company called SK Webline Ltd who’s own website, to no surprise, is “not available online at the moment due to updates on it” in a design that a 2 year old could cough up in a few minutes. Why do people pay such companies to build them a website? Would you pay this company to build you a website?

Anyway, let’s take a look at this site…

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