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Catsnake – Telescopus fallax (Fleischmann 1831)

August 20th, 2010 No comments

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Telescopus fallax (Fleischmann 1831)
Family: Colubridae Boiginae

Catsnake – venomous

Slim snake with the head clearly distinguishable from the neck, eyes with perpendicularly slit pupils and a body covered with smooth scales. The colour is grey or brownish. On the back and other parts of the body there are dark patches. The creamcoloured rosy abdomen is normally dark freckled.

Length up to 1m.

Habitat: Balkan, Aegean and South-East Asia
Biotope: Strongly sunned and stony bushy slopes.
Habits: This dusk and night active species can be observed rather rarely.
Food: Lizards, sometimes mice. The prey is killed or paralyzed by a weak venom. For man this snake is harmless because it cannot play its poison fangs because of the small head and mouth.

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