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Coin Snake – Coluber nummifer (Reuss 1834)

August 20th, 2010 No comments

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Coluber nummifer (Reuss 1834)
Family: Colubridae

Coin Snake – harmless

Strong snake with the head clearly distinguishable from the neck. Eyes with round pupils and lightly keeled scales all over until the very long tail. The upper head can have a variable colouring. On the back from head to tail there are dark brown patches. The total length can reach 150 cms.

Habits: Coluber nummifer is day-active, loves the sun and is remarkably agile. Lives nearby populated areas where it is loooking for food in old stone walls.
Food: Small mammals, lizards and birds. The prey is encircled in the split-second and strangled to death.

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