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Cyprus Whip Snake – Coluber cypriensis (Schätti 1985)

August 20th, 2010 No comments

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Coluber cypriensis (Schätti 1985)
Family: Colubridae

Cyprus Whip Snake – harmless

The only indigenous reptile species of Cyprus is the Coluber cypriensis. Evidently, this is a species only recently discovered and a relatively rare snake. It does not live at the coast and prefers the biotopes in the hills and mountains.

The base colour of the upper side is olive-brown. The front of the body has a fine clear cross-band, the scales of the back are smooth. Judging from the body form the Coluber cypriensis must be a good climber. The carob lizard Ablepharus Kitaibelli should be an appropriate prey for this viper.

Otherwise there is nothing well known about this indigenous.

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