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November 15th, 2011 1 comment

The local shop with an online presence, Stephanis, was thinking that it would be cool to do something rather stupid, in my opinion, but it seems as though somebody has already beaten me to it and brought to their attention how uncool the ‘Unbezable’ idea was.



I like this online shop. For Cyprus’ online shopping standards, it simply works for me. I have never actually ordered through it, and the stock indications can be totally ignored since they are 100% wrong… but it is useful for researching products which you may be interested in buying locally, sometimes either from this retailer or not.

Today I noticed that the above word has been replaced by ‘Unbeatable’, something which will at least make sense to non Greek speakers. “Unbezable” is a play on two Greek words “Δέν Παίζεται”.

Funny thing is that (at time of writing) when you now Google for Unbezable, you’ll get Stephanis as #1 link, so it has been indexed nicely. Even funnier is Google’s “Did you mean: unbearable” suggestion before the results.

Unbearable offer, anyone?

On the price of consumer electronics in Cyprus.

May 13th, 2011 1 comment

An interesting article has just popped up in the Cyprus Mail regarding Sky-high prices across Europe, mainly when it comes to the importation of consumer electronics. It is funny how this would appear now, as I have only just had to buy myself a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device which costs roughly half of what I paid in the USA.

The article introduces a new initiative of a team of enterprising expats in Limassol who have set up a site with samples of the differences in cost to purchase the same item across the EU. Below is a screenshot of a sample price comparison.

Cyprus as you can see is paying a hefty overhead. Both articles are worth a read if you buy stuff online.

As for my recent experience, Cyprus has a single “distributor” of the product I bought. As is often the case, they did not bother to respond to my queries as to how I can buy their products in Cyprus. Knowing that it would still be cheaper to bring it from another country, I went ahead and bought it. Hey, if they don’t need my business… I’ll just take it elsewhere.

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