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Persian Large Whip Snake – Coluber jugularis (Linnaus 1758)

August 20th, 2010 2 comments

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Coluber jugularis (Linnaus 1758)
Family: Colubridae

Persian Large Whip Snake – harmless

Very big slim snake with a small head clearly distinguishable from the neck, big eyes with round pupils, smooth scales and a long tail ending in a fine tip. The colouring of the back and the sides is variable, it can be darkbrown, olivebrown or even sheer black. The total length can reach 3m.

Biotope: Above all dry intensively sunned areas in the plane, hills or mountains. Lives also nearby waters.
Habits: The Persian Large Whip Snake is day-active and a very agile viper who sunbathes early in the morning and afternoon very extensively.
Food: Small mammals, lizards and snakes.

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