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Cyprus’ Marfin/Laiki/Popular Bank does it again.

May 18th, 2012 1 comment

For the time being, I safely store the majority of my debts in this technologically advanced bank. I am being sarcastic of course, and I have other debts in other banks, who also provide me with electronic banking services to monitor exactly how much interest I am still paying for other people’s sins.

The difference however is that typically from other banks, I occasionally receive messages asking me if I am doing my bit to help the environment by choosing to disable printed statements being sent to me and to opt for them to be digitally downloadable instead.

Although I’ve been green with other banks for at least the last decade, and not being bothered by their occasional reminders that the option is there, Laiki still have no idea what being environmentally friendly means since within the very same decade, no such options have been provided.

Late last night, the bank gets 1.8 billion euros in government bailout funds (read: tax payer’s money), and what is the first message I am greeted with when I log in to my electronic banking?

Laiki eBank changes its logo!

Laiki eBank informs its subscribers that its logo has changed.The old logo has been redesigned, giving its place to a contemporary, modern logo, which will now appear in Laiki Bank΄s Alternative Channels.

Thank you so much Laiki, for wasting 20 more seconds of my life. I have no idea how I have been able to survive this long without this added functionality and it is good to see you putting your hard earned cash to such a good use for a change. Please, keep up the good work!

And in case any of you, my few readers, give a shit, here is the “contemporary, modern logo”:

Laiki eBank

And since Laiki will *never* ever read this post, I wonder how much it costs these days to copy, flip and change the default colour of an RSS feed icon combined with the dangerously modern touch of making an “e” the same colour. I bow to your superior PS skills, almighty Laiki eBank.