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Synology adds MKV transcoding support for PS3 with firmware 3.2-1922

September 9th, 2011 3 comments

I don’t have an HTPC at home. Back when I bought my Synology DiskStation DS410 NAS in May, it was either that or an ASRock NetTop ION 330HT.

I bought the NAS over the HTPC as I had more use for it thinking that the NAS would stream anything to my PS3 anyway. Boy was I wrong. It took me a while to find the settings to enable FLAC and APE transcoding for music files, but MKV support was simply inexistant.

I tried many different workarounds, PS3 Media Server and MediaTomb mostly, but these struggled at best and therefore nothing was watchable. I had finally found a working solution by converting all mkv files to m2ts files, but this was a pain to have to do. Built-in transcoding from the NAS was what I needed. And now I have it!

Synology have added this in their latest firmware and I have tested two mkv files, one 12GB and one 8GB in size. Although they are slighty slower to start than say, an avi, they both played nice and smoothly. The scene search thumbnails didn’t work but that doesn’t bother me at all as I only use scene search to skip to a time where I know I stopped watching something.

So if you are missing mkv support on your Synology, head on over to the Synology Download Center and upgrade to the latest firmware. Alternatively, login to your unit and upgrade via DSM Update.

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Sick and tired of inability to use PS3.

June 18th, 2011 No comments

I finally got sick and tired of trying to reset my password on my PS3 and trust me, I have tried everything under the sun to just reconnect myself to the playstation network (not the store, the network).

As I hate having stuff that doesn’t work on any of my gadgets, it is time to reset the damn thing to its factory defaults and then yes, just register the stupid thing with a fake address (way to go sony, NOT!).

Would you believe it? 14 hours and 26 minutes at 2% to format a measly 250GB hard disk. Don’t believe me? Check it out:

As you might have guessed, I bought the wrong television too. I really liked the idea of bravia sync so that I could use my television’s remote control to start/stop/pause/rewind/forward a movie on the ps3, but hey… this will no longer be a deciding factor when I am next shopping for a tv. Sony do not seem to understand the knock-on effect that their failures have caused… and when the consumer has nowhere else to turn to, this is the result. I could somewhat come to terms when they disabled OtherOS but only because I didn’t get a chance to enjoy it before it was disabled.

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Sony Playstation PS3 Update 3.61 for Cyprus

May 15th, 2011 5 comments

I was rather late to find out about the 3.61 firmware update for the Sony Playstation PS3. Although I have updated my firmware, I have not yet received the email that the system has sent to my registered email address to reset my password.

Anybody in Cyprus who has received the email and got past this stage?

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