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CloudFlare threat control. Require captcha by country.

June 8th, 2011 6 comments

CloudFlare has a cool feature whereby you can force visitors to enter a captcha code prior to entering your site. This is particularly useful if you are receiving an uncontrollable amount of spam from a country which is geographically of little or no interest to you. Although I have no need for this functionality myself, I like how CloudFlare themselves are maintaining their own ip-to-country lists and are extending this control via a simple interface.


What I would personally have liked to see is the option to totally deny access rather than offer the captcha. This way, if you were doing something like this with say, apache, you would no longer need to worry about updating and maintaining ip-to-country lists of your own.

I do not and have no intention to block any country from my sites, but still, it would be a nice additional feature to have available.