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Bluntnosed Viper – Vipera lebetina lebetina (Linnaus 1758)

August 21st, 2010 1 comment

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Vipera lebetina lebetina (Linnaus 1758)
Family: Vipera

Bluntnosed Viper – very venomous

Big strong viper with a sturdy head that is clearly distinguishable from the neck. Relatively small eyes with perpendicular slit pupils and keeled scales. The colour is whitish-grey, straw-yellow till rustbrown. On the back there are two rows of ochre-coloured staggered transverse patches.

Habitat: Sunny, scarcely planted scree slopes. Prefers dry riverbeds with small pools where it waits for prey.
Habits: Mainly day-active very poisonous viper. Nevertheless during the summer months July/August it hunts at night.
Food: Rats, mice and birds. This viper has a very strong poison, its bite must be treated by antidote.

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