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Fedora 15 NVIDIA external Samsung SyncMaster… finally!

August 21st, 2011 3 comments

Ever since Fedora 15 came out, I couldn’t get my external monitor to work with my Lenovo W520 laptop which has an NVIDIA Quadro 1000M graphics adapter. I am using the proprietary driver and no matter what settings I would choose, I’d always get a nasty “Oops, something went wrong!” error message when logging in. I knew that there shouldn’t be a problem as I dual boot into Win7 and the external monitor was working fine.

Today I tried a few more combinations and finally got it working, most probably because I have chosen “TwinView” in the configuration, rather than “Separate X screen”. I also specified each screen’s resolution and refresh rates instead of leaving everything on “Auto”. Further settings include:

  • Screen 0: Absolute Position +0+0
  • Screen 0: Make this the primary display for the X screen
  • Screen 1: Position +1920+0 (where 1920 is the width of the laptop display)

My setup is perfect again.